January 11th, 2003

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Oral Workshop Funtimes

So the kids who want to are here for the day to prepare for the oral exams that will take place in late May. One of the exam days is actually my birthday, which means loads of fun work on my birthday, but ça va. It really hurts when I have to be ultra harsh on pronunciation and the like, and I felt really bad about tearing apart the poor 21 year-old boy from Dijon (Boris likes role-playing and reads mainly science fiction), but it had to be done. You just can't really say Schtoody instead of study. It just doesn't fly.

But for some reason, I'm still in a really good mood. We had a sort of minor crisis when we ran out of grading sheets and Rachel ended up saying, "We could write on the backs of cloned babies." It made perfect sense, as she'd brought extra copies of an article about cloning babies, but it sounds funnier if you don't have the context, doesn't it?

Also, I really love that a) it's cold and my face is tingly, b) I have new batteries and can listen to my midwinter mix o' wonders and c) Moss will be here in 36 days. 36! Yay for that!
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