January 14th, 2003

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Fascinating Moments in Office Life

Trying to determine what color "mulberry" really is and not agreeing with a color page...
Me: But this is a thing thing!
Rachel: Oh, so it's official, then!

On political correctness...
Me: So you're saying she was basically blind?
Alex: Well, I wanted to say 'hard of seeing', but I thought no, that's ears!

On French Wildlife....
Philippa: I was so excited! I saw my first Sanglier!
Rachel: Ooh!
Philippa: Yes, I'd never seen a wild boar before! Well, I'd seen a wild boor, but not a pig like that!

On Things that Greatly Upset Me...
me: This is horrible!
Alex: Oh, well, that's one less dog in the world! Heh heh heh.
Rachel: Heh, yeah!
Me: (silently horrified even more)

On Geography vs. Celebrity...
Rachel: Julia, have you heard of Wayne County?
Alex: Oh yes! Wayne County and the Electric Chairs! He had a sex change and is now Jayne County! Sings songs like, "If you don't want to fuck me, fuck off!"
Me: Interesting.
Alex: It's true!
Rachel: It may very well be, but I was asking about the airport... do you know where it is, Julia?

(turns out it's in Michigan.)

Maybe I'll feel better eventually. Still, It's not really funny. At all.
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Midwinter Mix o' Wonders - A

It seems each season I make a mix or two. Usually one great one that I listen to repeatedly until it dies or gets lost or something. Summer saw Julia's Kick-ass Mixed Tape With Character, Autumn brought Waves and Stars, and now, December produced this gem. It was originally a cd for the lovely Gwen. The cd was called Gwen's Superfun Midwinter Mix. In its tape incarnation, it has four bonus tracks. There is something utterly beautiful about 90 minutes of well blended music. I believe it is my format of choice. And so, without further ado...

Side A
1) Lou Reed – "Satellite of Love" -- I’m still not sure exactly what makes me love this song so much, but love it, I do. I don't like to watch things on tv, I haven't been bold with Harry, Mark and John on Monday, Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday... It’s a very nice shade of grey, so I suppose that helps.
2) Morcheeba - "The Sea" -- So relaxing. it's a lazy summer memory floating back up to the surface as you walk through a windswept winter town on a grey day. Slate blue and faint teal with bits of wet sand brown.
3) Louise Attaque - "Vous Avez l'Heure" -- This song is alive and in motion. Although this has nothing to do with the lyrics at all, I always think of Russian Peasant Dances. In a dark cottage or barn, by firelight. Women in many colored skirts, with kerchiefs in their hair. Probably Russian folk music sounds nothing like this. But that's the image that springs forth. Dark reds and Sables. Firelight and flashes of bright primary colors.
4) Greg Brown - "Waiting On You" -- More mellow, but still warm. Rich coffee brown with some softer peach tones. THe lyrics are kind of ouchy, but the song feels good. I get the feeling everything's gonna be okay in the end. Like this was written from the other side, looking back. But maybe that's just me projecting it onto myself. Either way it's a lovely song.
5) Death By Chocolate - "My Friend Jack" -- some light fluffy silver and dashes of bright red. Ever so campy. And sort of puts me in mind of Super Mario Brothers from the original Nintendo for some reason.
6) Poe - "Haunted" -- Lavender, edging into darker purple, and some darkish beige edging into sepia. Ravens flying through a tangled forest. Stripped of leaves. Full of cold dry winds. Maybe you'll run into the House of Usher in there somewhere. Deliciously creepy. Then there's the clip of her dead father at the end and that little girl...
7) Dionysos - "Song For a Jedi" -- Bright, but darker than pure primary, red. So fun and quirky and French. When I was little, I was a jedi, so nervous, that when it rained, often I'd electrocute myself....
8) Fountains of Wayne - "Red Dragon Tattoo" -- Cait and I used to sing this all the time. It's too much fun. Chromatic, sparkly dark red. I always reember walking along the South Bank of the Thames when I hear it now. Yum.
10) Neutral Milk Hotel - "King of Carrot Flowers" -- Dark Seventies Orange Shag Carpet and Dusty Afternoon Sunlight Through a Window. Short and sweet. And v. telling. Ever so intimate, but so lilting you might not even notice if you didn't pay attention. Not exactly happy, but satisfying.
11) Ben Folds (Live) - "Zak and Sara" -- I love this song on the Rockin' the Suburbs album. Live it has a very different feel, but it's still absolutely wonderful. I came to the realization a while ago that wha I love about Ben Folds is that each song is a story in it's own right. There is a lot to say for people who can realy tell a story in a song. Blue and Purple, not too bright, but vivid and clean.
12) The Magnetic Fields - "The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side" -- Black and very pale translucent yellow. This song seems like it shouldn't make me as happy as it does. But when I hear it, I just grin. And it's lovely to sing.
13) Liz Phair - "Supernova" -- Turquoise and darker blues. Catchy rock feel. Lyrics full of strange and vivid imagery. Sometimes, in the right mood, you get that little wicked knowing half smile, and you just say, "Bring it!" Good way to end the first side. Rock on.
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Midwinter Mix o' Wonders - B

And Side B:

1) Manu Chao - "Bongo Bong / Je Ne T'aime Plus" -- Light green and misty rain. Sort of happy, sort of sad. A good time.
2) Os Mutantes - "Baby" -- Light candy pink with touches of periwinkle and occasional cherry red. Mellow, but happy.
3) Noir Desir - "Vent Nous Portera" -- Greens, slightly darker (but not much) than Bongo Bong. Lovely, and a song that seems to follow me through the seaons. Good.
4) The Magnetic Fields - "You're My Only Home" -- Black and tan. A fluctuating energy net in deepest darkest absract space. Full of ever so sad and simple truths. But oh so lovely.
5) Merril Bainbridge - "Miss You" -- I feel slightly ashamed of my affinity for Ms. Bainbridge. But what can I say? She's fun to sing. Shiny cherries and golden buttercups. Also, it's one of those... sad, but in a sort of fond and funny way. It doesn't hurt nearly so much as it could. I'm all about this: "I remember when you broke my favorite teacup, you just smiled that silly smile and made me upset." But the fact that it's not said with bitterness is really what makes it. Even if you haven't had a frustrating love, there is bound to be someone in your life who has made you feel this sort of fond exasperation. Okay, right; I'm over-justifying. I dmit it, I like crap sometimes.
6) The Flash Girls - "Banshee" -- Emma Bull and The Fabulous Lorraine Garland have a beautiful combined vocal texture. Neil Gaiman wrote the lyrics and they're quality. Burgundy and olive green. A living, breathing, talking love is not the same as one who screams when people die. Like I said, quality. I so need more Flash Girls. I need Maurice and I and Play Each Morning, Wild Queen. And As soon as it's out, I suspect I'll need Loraine's new band, Folk Underground's disc, too.
7) Clinic - "Returns of Evil Bill" - Black and Sort of paest translucent amber. Even though I don't like Licorice or Anisette, this is what I picture the song as, and in this case, i love it. Ever so catchy. It gets stuck in my head all the time. And when I hear it, I want to move. i want to bounce. Good times.
8) Group X - "You Would Give Me Kiss If I Were On Soccer Team" -- Manilla envelopes, warm yellow and dark green. Silly and bizarre, but ever so lovable. And it's the song that got Cait her Boy. This makes me ever so happy.
9) Leonard Cohen - "The Partisan" -- White and Smoky Grey. Soft and silent as snow. Except it isn't silent. But that's the best way I can describe it. And some French bits, too. Good for singing, or just calming down and listening.
10) The Magnetic Fields - "Parades go By" -- almost purest darkest, softest, smoothest Night Black, with some bits of dark brass. A ship sailing through the deep abstract space we visited in "You're My Only Home" with great sails billowing taut. Think Final Fantasy. Think Airship. Think Calm and Amazing. This song always gets me into writing zone. Yay for that.
11) Tori Amos - "I Can't See New York" -- White fog and clouds and a misty forest. Sparese, but with great dark trees and some great dark leaves. I fall and ai float and aI run on the misty ground, which it really just more air. As if tis strange forest is in the sky. And everywhere I turn, more of the same bare trees. I could be the hunted in this hunting ground... On the other side. But it's gloriously lovely. Even in the strange drealike motions of running and falling and flying and being unable to find a way out, there isn't real panic. Just some sort of abstract "lost" sense. And the spinning is deadly beautiful. If they'd managed to really get that bit in The Others where Nicole Kidman tries to leave the house right, this would be it.
12) Ben Folds - "The Luckiest" -- And in perfect symmetry, we end of another lovely grey, with filtered bits of gold. This song is beautiful. And somehow the tape manages to take you from calm to rockin' and bck to cam, but ever so gently. Perfect to walk through the snow in the morning to.

Overall I am v. pleased with this Mix. I'll no doubt listen it to death this winter and redefine the essential songs of the moment come Spring. Remi'll get a copy of the Cd, which ends on Group X. I think this is probably good because I don't thin the last four songs are anything new to him, and I've heard him say he dislikes Tori Amos extremely. So this way all parties should be happy. Yay for Music!
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