January 21st, 2003

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Story Time

Dreams. Vivid and not entirely comfortable. But they gave me things to think about, and things to write down, and suddenyl there is another story waiting to be written. Yay for that.

I am always vaguely dissatisfied the The Prenders Singles disc I have. I think it's because I really wanted the first album. I had it at one point, but in a very ill-advised bout of phoenix burning alive and rising from the ashes syndrome, I sold nearly all my cds. Why? Why did I do this? Depressed and desperate people do funny things. Slowly, I have worked to rebuild the collection. But when I bought this Singles disc, I think i didn't even realize it wasn't the one I wanted. Until I got it home and the tracks were not those of the first album, which only made sense after all, but wasn't any less disappointing. Still Singles isn't a bad thing to own. Really. And I do enjoy listening to it.

But honestly, what is "reet"? Can anyone tell me?
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