January 23rd, 2003

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White Buffalo Dream Catching Tipi and Kachina Woman

Oh yes, this is more like it. Twelve pages since I sat down here. Twelve beautiful, easy, fluid pages. Dream catchers and White Buffalo Calf Woman and Tipis and general Lakota history. Soon to be followed by bits of Hopi and Navajo and maybe a smidge of Inuit. I think I'd like to get a Raven Story or a Coyote story in there at the very least. Oh, and this workbook is so much more peaceful than the other. I don't even want to say fuck. Happy.

Also: Today's Rachel Quote. (Gosh the girl is a veritable fount of them!)

"Schmeckle -- sounds like a little, balding man! Well, I guess there's a reason for that..."

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