January 24th, 2003


Oh Done! Yay for Done!

Sixty-ish pages of workbook madness printed and handed in and all. Goody. Now all I have to do is grade all the homework that is waiting at home and run the all-day workshop tomorrow with Rachel.

The good thing about the workshop is this: the students have planned a potluck feast for lunch. They want it to be American, so I think they decided to bring Turkey and Pecan Pie and Brownies and god only knows what else. It should be interesting. The scary thing, though is this: the potluck idea was all thanks to a very eager student who likes to call herself Veeee (add more eeees at will). Veee(eeeeeeeeeeee) is around thirty I think. Give or take a few years. I know she's got kids, and may the lord preserve them. Veeeeeeeee likes to wear very odd combinations of pseudo gothy/cutesie trendy clothes. Last time I saw her, she was sporting skin tight hip hugger jeans in that sort of deliberately faded black color... stone-washed? God I can't remember my eighties fashion terms. I think I might be pleased by that. Anyway, the thing that drew your eye, though was the jacket, which really defies description. Furry... but in an auto seat cover sort of way... and multicolored. When she left, I think the first thing I said to Rachel in disbelief was, "Did she... kill the muppets to get that?"

Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee is bringing a large quantity of the food. She's also announced that she is bringing two microwaves to heat it up in. Bringing them. From Home. The woman has two microwaves? To bring to school? Yeah... Veeee is also a Christian Scientist. And by this, I don't mean she works in a lab doing creationist experiments. She wants everyone to open up to the warmth and light that Christian Science has brought into her life. She brings it up randomly in coversation. I've heard conversations between her and Alex that went like this:

Veeee: I'm going to get my homework in to you early.
Alex: Okay. You don't need to, but you're welcome to, of course.
Veee: yes, but I did have a question about number three and phrasal verbs.
Alex: Yes?
Veee: Well you know, in Christian Science everything becomes very clear. I wonder if you'd considered phrasal verbs in that context. Because Christian Science really helps me to understand them.
Alex: I see. Well I shall be happy to correct your homework. Bye now...

She also wears makeup and perfume. And by wears... I mean... insulates herself in. Makeup and perfume and haircare products : Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :: Bubble Wrap : Glass that needs to be shipped overseas.

Tomorrow should be interesting.
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