January 25th, 2003

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But Ve Most Eempress You!

The workshop is over. Seven and a half hours. I ran away for fifteen minutes 'round lunchtime becuase I had to get out, but other than that, I was there for it all. Veee didn't wear much in the way of... exotic (?) clothes, but perhaps I should give you a rundown anyway. Skintight hip-hugger jeans in normal blue, a lacy sheer top (which I actually sort of covet) with hooks and eyes all up the front (major source of coveting). It ended just above her navel, and as I've already stated that her jeans were hip-huggers (low-rise, whatever), it gave us an excellent view of her belly button cascade of lavender "gems". Also, I've come to the conclusion that she's a tanning bed girl. The coloring is not natural. Especially for French winter.

That said, I should also mention that Veee is very nice. Really. She's overwhelming and all, but honestly, I suppose if I were to go spelunking and find, upon attempting to leave, that a cave-in had blocked the exit, I'd probably rather have Veee around than say, Alex. She's pretty resourceful and optimistic, and she is genuinely nice. She didn't even mention Christian Science once today! But... her face still frightened me. That much makeup is never necessary. I was watching her today... take Britney Spears, add Shakira and Erin Brockovich, mix with one part Pollyanna and maybe a bit of J-Lo in her The Wedding Planner role. Maybe add a little humor in there. She seems like she's got a decent sense of humor. It's just... the clothes and the hair and the face.. and the Christian Science... and the tendency to use cute slang... Ah, Vee.

Anyway, the title comes from one of my favorite moments. We were talking about the merits of using simple words to explain things. Simple, but clear is preferable to complicated and faux-articulate. And then one of the students, middle aged with jet black hair and a strangely East European accent (though she said she was from Champagne) said, in such a Draculian tone that I had to write it down, "But ve most eempress you!" I was like, yeah, you most! Right before you bathe in my blood. (Mixing up my menacing counts and countesses, I know, but ça va.)

Now home and sleep, blessed sleep.
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