March 5th, 2003

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A Pirate's Favorite Movie In French Theatres Now...

ARRRRRRete-Moi Si Tu Peux, AKA Catch Me If You Can, is what I saw on Saturday. It was fun, but there was an awkward moment wherein I was the sole person laughing in the theatre because it turns out no one tells knock knock jokes in France. The music was good. And te costumes were good. And surprisingly, Leonardo Dicaprio was good. And I didn't even recognize Tom Hanks until halfway through. Also: Christopher Walken. Creepy on wheels. Or, you know, legs. It was light and fluffy and made me smile. It was exactly what I was in the mood for. And as an added bonus, pirates love it!

I've written 3 poems in the last week. I blame Moss for leaving Kenneth Patchen's collected poems behind when he went back to California. I keep reading it and wondering, "Hey, why didn't I read any of this in high school lit books?" and then I remember, "Oh yeah, because the lit books aren't supposed to teach kids to have Communist values! Right!"

In semi related news, I came out as Economically -6.OO and Authoritarian -6.26 on The Political Compass Test. That puts me even with Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, just about. And that's cool with me. I generally like his ideas.
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