August 27th, 2003

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The American Way

So my sister brought her French boyfriend home for a few weeks. He said he wanted to really see American culture up close and personal. We did our best by:

*Taking him to Hometown Buffet -- In the line he asked, "What's that stuff that looks like glue?" Turns out he meant Jello. He deemed it "interesting".

*Driving through a trailer park.

*Watching American Wedding, MTV, VH1, CMT, and COPS.

*Camping in Yosemite and making s'mores. He really liked those.

*Eating breakfast in a coffee place. He liked the bagels, but wanted to know where the 'normal coffee' was.

*Going to the beach.

*Taking him to a college party.

*Making him eat a jalapeño (this was my sister's doing. He chased it with a fresh margarita).

*Showing him our home movies (they're actually of the comical and mercifully short variety).

*Taking him on a driving tour of the local area and pointing out where there were empty fields a year ago that are now filled with new chain stores. Also showing him the high schools my sister and I attended.

*Letting him parallel park in San Francisco.

We thought all in all it was a Fair and Balanced look at American culture.