October 3rd, 2003

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Exercise in Productivity

I've been good so far with the NaNoPage. Got the front page set up with links to the NaNoBlog and other NaNoKids and I have so far kept up in my quest to come up with a writing exercise for each day. Okay, yeah, it's only the third day of the month, but still, that's three exercises more than I could have done. I'm all caught up for the moment, and that seems good. You can see the exercise instructions on the NaNoBlog and my responses to them on the exercises page. I'll be transferring the first two responses to the blog soon and replacing them with new responses, but this way if you are trying to do the exercises at the same time as me, you have a chance to read the instructions without having to be accidentally influenced by my responses if you don't want to see them right away.

Next order of business: apply for more jobs. So far I've applied for 8 this week. I also really need to clean and pack my stuff into boxes. So I guess I should stop with the journal entries, huh?
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