May 28th, 2004

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A chance for fame and fortune beyond your wildest dreams!

Announcing the First Annual Cake Mailing Contest!

The rules:
1. Bake or buy a cake of some kind.
2. Alter cake as you see fit (i.e. add frosting or sprinkles).
3. place a piecce of the cake (or the whole cake in the case of twinkies or the like) in a ziplock bag.
4. Place ziplock bag in padded envelope and send to Cake Mailing Contest Headquarters (address will be provided in an e-mail for anyone who wishes to enter the contest). **Envelopes must be postmarked no later than June fifth in order to be eligible.**

Cakes will be judged on four qualities: gunkiness, crumbliness, tastiness and aesthetic appeal. The winner will receive a certificate, and a rubber duck, not to mention all the fame that goes with being the FACMC Grand Prize Winner. Other prizes may also be awarded.

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