November 24th, 2004

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How can something so good be so bad for me?

Onions never bothered my eyes until a few years ago, but when they started to, it made up for all the tear-free years and then some. I'm on my break from cutting onions and garlic at the moment (at the portion of the break where I can see well enough to type, but certainly not well enough to wield a knife yet), a break which becomes necessary every time my eyes sting more than I can bear, and tears stream down my face and my nose begins to run so much that I can't breath any more. Also, I start sneezing.

Of course, I love onions (and garlic... and really strong breath mints), and can't possibly give them up, but this is killing me. What should I do? Get kitchen goggles?

Now my eyes are back to being fairly okay. I'm going to try to ge tthe rest of the evil task over with so I can start with the braising. I am making braised cabbage with fennel. Mmm (I hope).
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